Transport tablet medicine, vaccine syringe to African rural villages.


AfricaTube is a group project done by five ECA product design students.  AfricaTube is a new, clever transportation device for medicine and medical supplies. It exploits the “dead space” in toilet paper roles, by turning it into storage space for medicine. AfricaTube can be used to deliver vital medicine anywhere in Africa, from big urban hospitals, to “last mile” hard-to-reach communities. This is because it takes advantage of the already existing distribution networks that have emerged from the toilet paper industry (one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods markets in Africa). AfricaTube is easy to use, and has been designed to fit all toilet roll packages. 


Why choosing toilet paper to deliver


“Ask [an African woman] what things she always travels with. She will definitely mention two things: soap and toilet paper. If you are an investor and do not understand this, then you are missing the boat on Africa’s emerging fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market.”  

-, Kurt Davis Jr.


“Toilet paper remained by far the largest category in retail tissue in 2014, accounting for 88% of total retail tissue volume sales. Toilet paper also registered the strongest growth in current value terms in 2014 with 11%”.

- Retail Tissue in South Africa”, a report by EuroMonitor


“[African] FMCG companies have distribution systems that penetrate nearly all parts of the community”

- David Wager, Change Business Analyst, Credit Suisse


Asset 11.png

structure of the Tube


Asset 8.png

How tubes are used

Asset 5.png

distribution chain